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Non-league competitions 2023-2024 season

Advice to members

This page contains a summary of the non-league competitions. For full details of the competition rules, members should refer the Competition Rules page in the Members Area.

Non-league competitions
Date Type Topic Presenter/Judge
Non-league PDI Portrait
Zoom meeting
Hand-in: 22-10-2023
Mike Barnard LRPS, ABPPA BPE2
Non-league PDI Record
Zoom meeting
Hand-in: 17-09-2023
Darren Pullman CPAGB BPE2* EFIAP Open in new window
Non-league PDI Natural history
Hybrid meeting
Hand-in: 26-11-2023
Dennis Russ LRPS AWPF AFIAP CPAGB BPE1* Open in new window
Non-league PDI Rural landscape
Hybrid meeting
Hand-in: 11-02-2024
Peter Greenway CPAGB, LRPS Open in new window
Non-league PDI PDI theme
Hybrid meeting
Hand-in: 03-03-2024
Susan Green ARPS, DPAGB BPE3*
Non-league PDI Chairman's salver - Subject - "A Photograph that depicts a well known book or film title"
Face-to-face meeting
Hand-in: 14-04-2024
Philip Hinton ARPS Open in new window
Non-league Print Print panel
Face-to-face meeting
Hand-in: 21-04-2024
Darren Woolway ARPS Open in new window
Non-league Print Annual Exhibition
Face-to-face meeting
Hand-in: 11-05-2024
Stephen Carroll ARPS
Non-league PDI Summer PDI - My Ashford - Internal
Face-to-face meeting
Hand-in: 31-07-2024

Non-league competitions overview

Unlike League competitions, where members compete in divisions of photographers of similar experience, non-league competitons are open, so all entries are judged together.

Our non-league competions comprise: Portrait, Record, Natural History, Rural Landscape, Panel, Theme and Annual Exhibition (prints). During some seasons, we may run the Chairman's Salver, which is based on a topic chosen by our Chairman.

Portrait - prints and PDIs

To be awarded for the best image submitted in the competition. Portrait subject matter is deemed to be human portrait, glamour or figure studies.

Record - prints and PDIs

To be awarded for the best image submitted in the competition. The title 'Record' is to include Applied Photography and Architecture, but exclude Natural History.

Rural Landscape - prints and PDIs

To be awarded for the best image submitted in the competition, which will be held annually. Photographs entered must be a pictorial study of a RURAL landscape (water/seascapes and skyscapes are acceptable), a landscape being a wide view or vista of scenery.

Natural History - prints and PDIs

To be awarded for the best Nature image submitted in the competition.

Nature means images where living organisms are the primary subject matter. The story telling value of an image will normally be weighed more than the pictorial quality. Nature includes:

  • Images taken with subjects in controlled conditions such as zoos, game parks, botanic gardens, aquariums and enclosures where the subjects are dependent on man for food. Scientific bands, tags or collars are permissible.

Nature excludes:

  • Images where the subjects are obviously domestic animals or plants.
  • Images where an obviously artistic treatment has been applied.

Processing of the captured image, by cropping, exposure adjustment, colour correction, noise minimisation, dodging/burning, HDR, focus stacking and sharpening, is permitted, as is cloning of image defects and minor distractions including overlapping elements.

An image appearing to meet these criteria will be accepted as Nature. The Judges will normally assume that any image presented to them is eligible.

Access to some biological subjects may be restricted. Where that is relevant, then Photographers warrant that they have followed relevant codes of practices and hold any necessary licences.

Panel - prints only

The aim of the competition is to encourage members to produce panels of prints linked by content or technique according to the photographer's choice.

Theme - PDIs only

A selection of a minimum of three and a maximum of six PDIs (plus a title image if desired) on the photographers chosen theme(s) will be presented without commentary. The Judge will be asked to select a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in the competition.

Annual Exhibition - prints only

Each member may enter up to a maximum of four prints. Prints entered in previous Society Exhibitions will not be eligible, but any other prints including those entered in any of the Society's competitions (excluding the small print competition) will be eligible. There will be a trophy for the best print.

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