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Competition hand-in dates for 2023-2024 season

Hand-in date Type Competition and date
01-10-2023 League PDI 1st PDI on 12-10-2023
15-10-2023 League Print 1st Print on 26-10-2023
22-10-2023 Non-league PDI Portrait on 02-11-2023
05-11-2023 League PDI 2nd PDI on 16-11-2023
17-09-2023 Non-league PDI Record on 21-11-2023
19-11-2023 League PDI 3rd PDI on 30-11-2023
26-11-2023 Non-league PDI Natural history on 07-12-2023
31-12-2023 League Print 2nd Print on 11-01-2024
14-01-2024 League PDI 4th PDI on 25-01-2024
28-01-2024 League Print 3rd Print on 08-02-2024
11-02-2024 Non-league PDI Rural landscape on 22-02-2024
25-02-2024 League PDI 5th PDI on 07-03-2024
03-03-2024 Non-league PDI PDI theme on 14-03-2024
17-03-2024 League PDI 6th PDI on 28-03-2024
30-03-2024 League Print 4th Print on 11-04-2024
14-04-2024 Non-league PDI Chairman's salver on 26-04-2024
21-04-2024 Non-league Print Print panel on 02-05-2024
11-05-2024 Non-league Print Annual Exhibition on 16-05-2024
31-07-2024 Non-league PDI Summer PDI on 10-08-2024

Special note for the Print Panel competition

Please note that for the Print Panel competition, entries are handed in on the day. However, you must notify the Competition Secretary of the number of panels you will be submitting two weeks in advance.

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