Projected Digital Imaging (PDI) Requirements

Prepared images need to be sized to fit our projection system, saved in the jpeg format and named correctly.

If you require any assistance please speak to a committee member.

Sizing, resolution and colour space

Image size is: maximum width 1600 pixels, maximum height 1200 pixels. Resolution should be set to a minimum of 72dpi, although this will have no effect on the image.

Entries via the website are limited to 2MB per image file.

The image file must be saved in the sRGB colour space.

Note:- Images of less than the maximum pixel size will be projected with a black background to fill the blank area.

File format

Image format must be JPEG (preferably best quality).


The image filename must as follows: The image title shall be in - CAPITAL LETTERS - followed by a space, then 'by' then another space followed by the photographer’s competition number as shown in the example below. (Do not include your division number in the file name or use leading zeros).

Example filename: THE SKY AT NIGHT by 88.jpg

Note: The maximum number of characters (including spaces) for the 'title' is 65.

Method of submission

Entries should be uploaded via this link.

Exporting from Adobe Lightroom

Below are the recommended settings for exporting an image with the correct sizing for club competitions.

Lightroom export settings

Colour management

The projection equipment is calibrated to sRGB colour space. To help you check the calibration of your equipment it is suggested that adjust your screen settings to the target grey scale image below, a start. If you would like your screen calibrated with a hardware device (recommended) please speak to a member of the committee.

Target grey scale

When uploading, please note:

This form works well with Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers. If you use Microsoft IE or Edge you may find that the filename of the image you have selected to upload may be obscured

Sizing for internal club competitions:

The maximum image width is: 1600px

The maximum image height is: 1200px

Each JPEG image may not exceed 2MB in size

Naming your image files:

The file extension (.jpg) must be lower case

The following characters are not allowed in file names: , _ # & / : ; ‘ * ” ~ < > | ? \ [ ]

Filename example: SOFIA by 99.jpg

If you experience any issues with uploading, please email the Upload Administrator