What is the Foundation Programme?

The Foundation Programme allows you to upload digital images to the club web site. Experienced members will then review them and provide feedback.

How do I submit images?

Visit the PDI Uploads page and follow the steps. Note: Your images will need to comply with PDI naming requirements.

How many images can I submit?

The upload limit for each month is three.

How and when will I get feedback?

You will receive feedback via email within one week of uploading your images from each of the three reviewers. Of course, you are encouraged to discuss further with the reviewers on club nights too.

What are the (optional) topics for the 2019-2020 season?

Foundation programme topics
Month Topic
September Circles
October Reflections
November Red
December Close-up
January Texture
February Abstract
March Shadows
April Movement
May Perspective

Why are there topics?

Sometimes it’s difficult to get ideas on what to photograph. Defining a set of topics gives you a context to work in, allowing you to explore themes you might not otherwise consider. Of course, these are just suggestions - if you wish to ignore the topics and upload images of your choice that’s just fine.

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