Results for the Portrait Competition held on Friday 28th Oct 2016

Prize Title Author
Premier Award Crossing The Mara Stephen Cheek
Highly Commended Selfie Anthony Wright
Highly Commended The Girl I Left Behind Kyle Tallett
Highly Commended A Grandma Anthony Wright
Highly Commended Boating Pool Sunset Avril Christensen
Highly Commended Kingfisher Disabling Its Catch Martin Till
Commended Joe Standing In The Shadows Philip Hinton
Commended Wetland Ponies Katrina Devenport
Commended The Reader Kyle Tallett
Commended Lapwing Fore And Aft Anthony Baines
Commended How To Train Your Dragon Ian Macey

Overall winner: Crossing the Mara by Stephen Cheek

Crossing the Mara by Stephen Cheek

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